Super Bowl Sunday

Posted On February 6, 2012

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The coldest January ever recorded in arctic Alaska measured an average monthly temperature around forty degrees below zero. The year this occurred was 2012.

Our coldest day in Coldfoot measured seventy-two degrees below zero, only the degrees shy of the North American record. From the locals in Wiseman to the truck drivers that have been driving for thirty years, none of the old timers can recall a winter like this one. I sure picked the best year to come to Alaska.

These last few days blessed us with very warm weather, above zero degrees and even into the teens. After spending most of January at forty or fifty below, these temperatures feel like paradise. I can walk around in a t-shirt and actually feel warm. I truly forgot that it could actually be so warm here.

On Sunday we hosted a wild Super Bowl party in the saloon (the northern-most bar in the United States, I might add), complete with an excessive amount of unhealthy food, profuse drinking, abundant cursing, rampant gambling, and mindless screaming, all around resulting in a wonderful time. Brian, Derek, and I started the day off right by chucking a football around the truck lot out in front, savoring the warm weather.

As for the game itself, every other play someone seemed to be betting money on something. I even won $5 betting that the first commercial after kick-off would be either a car or beer commercial (it was a beer commercial). Between us co-workers and the truckers and some DoT guys, we constructed a high stakes Super Bowl square betting game. I ended up winning the first two quarters and walked away with $500.  I ended up buying the whole saloon a round or drinks. Many other betting pools that day made other people rich too.

The Super Bowl squares board, before completion:

Mike Miscovich brought over a leg of Dahl sheep, considered by food connoisseurs to be one of the best tasting meats in the world. It did not disappoint. The taste was something like the best veal conceivable… multiplied by two or three.  I also made a giant bowl of guacamole to go along with all the other food we were eating. Everyone agreed that Sunday was indeed a good time.

Visions of Coldfoot:

Lastly, another view of my little room:

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  1. Stephen Wiard

    -72 degrees…once again you’re crazy.

    That’s awesome about winning so much money on the Super Bowl though, it must help soften the blow of the 49ers not being there. Maybe next year we’ll have a 49ers v. Steelers super bowl when your back in California.

    Keep up the blog, I love reading it, although I can’t believe I might actually be jealous of Coldfoot compared to law school lol.

    Glad to see your hanging our flag proudly, try to stay warm up there and don’t forget what California has waiting for you when you return.

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