Gold Fever

Posted On March 28, 2012

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According to the calendar, it’s spring. By most standards, it’s still very much winter in Coldfoot, but it doesn’t actually feel that way. The ground is still covered in snow and the temperatures remain mostly around zero, but after those dark months, it feels almost tropical. Today, the temperatures finally rose above freezing for the first time since September, I think. It’s been so long I can’t honestly remember.

Mother nature and human-industrial enterprise juxtaposed in Coldfoot:

I heard that they’ve given the Arctic Ocean ice road less than a month before they close it due to warming temperatures. All the truckers in the café complain about slick roads—the ice is finally beginning to thaw. In Coldfoot, there’s no noticeable change, the snow’s still snow, but I know it’ll start changing soon, and changing fast. The muddy season at Coldfoot is rapidly approaching. The sun shines so long now, I fall asleep every night around 9pm and it’s still very much daylight out. When I go into work at 5:30am, the sky to the east above Shockpoint glows with the anticipation of dawn. And every day the sky at that time gets brighter and brighter. We’ve only got about three weeks left of nighttime at any hour. The longest day is soon to begin…

With the oncoming melting season looming in the near future, this season’s gold miners have begun flocking to Coldfoot. They’ve been hauling up equipment, staging their camps in Coldfoot’s ancient boneyard, surrounded by the relics of miners long since passed. Most of the miners are going to follow the Chandalar Trail all the way out to Chandalar Lake, which is something like eigthy miles to the east of Coldfoot. That’ll be the primary mining site once the snow begins melting. On a daily basis, Coldfoot hums with the enthusiastic and optimistic feelings of this year’s gold miners. They stare into their coffees, wondering if this is going to be the year they find that mother-lode.

The staging area:

A large dump truck in the process of being “winterized,” chains affixed to the wheels:

Lastly, how the cleaning closet became the”party room”:

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  1. Jacob Bouchelle

    these post make me super excited to move up to coldfoot next month!!!!!!

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