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Posted On April 18, 2012

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Notice the lack of snow of the roof of the cafe building:

A picture of the same roof, a few days earlier. As the snow melted off, it formed into giant ice sheets and slowly slipped off the roof:

At the mid-point of April, the melting has rapidly accelerated and mud has replaced the hard packed ice and snow. I’m caught off guard by how fast these changes are taking place. The winter was months of monotony, but now every week Coldfoot looks shockingly different. A day ago, the thermometer went as high as fifty degrees!

Today I saw a fly buzzing around in the lounge. It’s the first bug I’ve seen all year. But if the flies are coming back, soon too will the damn mosquitoes. Right now we’re enjoying that rare time of year when it’s warm out but the mosquitoes are conspicuously absent. It’s won’t last much longer though, I guarantee it.

Last night I stayed up late playing poker, and didn’t depart the game until about 1am. Looking out the window at that time, there was still a faint glow of sunlight in the sky. At the rate things are changing, the stars and the darkness will completely disappear by next week. The longest day is not too far away…

The creek, beginning to thaw:

A look at the loading area behind the cafe (this is what I walk across to get to work every day):

The Crew-Quarters (CQ) Building. This is where I’ve been living for about eight months now:

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  1. Deb

    Hi Jeremy,
    I so enjoyed reading some of your Coldfoot Blog this morning. I am going to apply for work during the fall/winter season as I am already committed for the summer here (Homer AK). Really want to spend time in that area and tromp around Gates of the Arctic NP. Anyway, it was nice to hear from someone who’s actually living there! Have a happy Friday,

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