Where is Coldfoot?


Latitude: 67°15’8.41″N
Longitude: 150°10’38.10″W

But seriously…

Two-hundred and fifty miles north of Fairbanks, in the Brooks Mountains of northern Alaska, only 1500 miles from the North Pole, lies Coldfoot, the northern-most truck stop in the world. This remote place can’t even be considered a town, only boasting a few buildings and a winter population of about fifteen people. It’s the final stop for truckers, hunters, tourists, and anyone else crazy enough to go north of the arctic circle on their way to the town of Deadhorse and the Prudhoe Bay oil fields along the arctic coast.

This is my home. I’ve lived here in summer, I’ve lived here in winter. The mountains are my brothers, the rivers are my sisters. I’ve seen the never-ending sunlight and the never-ending darkness. I’ve been up into the 80’s and down into the -70’s. I’ve been here over a year. This is now where I live.

A clip from History Channel’s Ice Road Truckers: Coldfoot

From Google Maps: Coldfoot, AK


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11 Responses to “Where is Coldfoot?”

  1. Betsey Shapiro

    Hey Jeremy,
    I was just over at your parent’s house, and your mom showed me your website. I had no idea you went to Alaska – that’s awesome! Sounds like you’re having a great adventure, I loved being in Alaska last summer, though the farthest North I got was Denali. Have a great time, and enjoy some reindeer sausage and have an Alaskan Amber for me!

  2. June Jordan

    Dear Jeremy:
    Just read your story about the mountain climb. Nice job. A few years ago you weren’t such and outdoorsy guy. I’m curious about why you have to sleep in a tent; are there no rooms for the staff in the lodge?

    Are you using a Mac or PC? I really think you should be making a digital photo album that you can print at some point. I can point you in the best direction on that. (Miranda should, too!)

    I’ll share the blog address with Alex, Maddie, Jeff and Jay.



  3. Adam Reitman

    Jeremy, I just recently heard of your adventures at the north pole. While I will not quite say you’re nuts, I will ask what inspired this decision. Based on what I have heard from folks like Michelle and Matthew Bazzanella, I’m amazed at how different you are compared to the High School Jeremy Blackman. When did you start this adventure and when do you come back to the bay area?

    • Jeremy

      Good hearing from you Adam.

      I got to Alaska at the end of April, and most likely I won’t be back until sometime in 2012. I really wanted to do something different and spend my time out in the world doing crazy things while I had the chance to. Alaska is quite the experience and living here at this truck stop just might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself (it’s hard to believe, but it’s actually a bit better than living in Foster City! shocker). The only uncertainty I have now is where do I go after this?

      • Adam Reitman

        Hey man, so I have heard your name be brought up by some folks lately, and I was wondering how everything was going lately… any news on life up there, when you’re coming back, or the next life adventure? on another note, i emailed the day school your mom works at to see if they will be taking teaching applications. fingers crossed…

        • Jeremy

          Hey Adam, hope all is well. Good luck on working at the day school!

          I’m still up here in Coldfoot, living it day by day. I reckon I’m going to stay up here in Alaska probably until some time in September. After that… I haven’t decided yet. Probably something that involves a lot of traveling. I don’t know really. Next time I’m in Foster City (who knows when) I’ll be sure to hit you up.

          Enjoy your summer man!

          • Adam Reitman

            Hey so I haven’t heard from you since May. Hope all is well assuming you’re still there. Random update, I am actually working at Bowditch, teaching 6th grade math/science. Thought you’d be amused by that… Anyway, what’s your status as far as living in Alaska/Maryland/CA/Antarctica?

  4. John Blackman

    um, i think it’s a little bit too close to the north pole for me. give it the best shot you can!

  5. Anna Vallez

    What a joy to read about your adventures Jeremy. Love your pictures, although a picture of your abode would be nice. I know you are making your way back to California in a week, so safe trip. Stefan is looking forward to seeing you. (Stefan’s mom)

  6. Anna Vallez

    Here with Neal and Stefan and sharing some great memories of you.

  7. Donna

    Are you still in Coldfoot??? My dad, my son and myself were there last February (2011) and were “stranded” with the other 50 plus truckers……it was the best 3 days of our month long trip in Alaska!!! We were the only non-truckers (other than the resident population) staying there (we were in a gold 1987 2 wheel drive suburban…..everyone was so nice!!! Am definitely having Alaska withdrawals this year.

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